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Tailored energy advice for your home

Create a plan to make your home more energy efficient and cut carbon emissions.

Homewise guides you to create a personalised plan based on information about your home.

What is Homewise and how does it work?

Homewise is a tool to discover energy improvements for your home and create a plan to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. It analyses your home’s energy performance and presents detailed recommended improvements and advice. You can then review the recommendations and create a tailored plan suitable for your needs.

Through three simple steps, Homewise will guide you to create your plan for your home.

  1. Tell us about your home

    Answer some questions about your home and energy use. This will allow us to calculate fuel costs and determine what improvements are suitable.

  2. Discover improvements

    From insulation to solar panels, you’ll have access to information on the level of work involved, along with information on practicality and appearance.

  3. Create your plan

    Create a plan that matches your budget and motivation – whether that’s saving money on your energy bills or reducing your carbon footprint.

Powered by Energy Saving Trust

The energy experts from Energy Saving Trust built this tool. Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, low carbon transport and sustainable energy use.

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